The best, most elegant answers always come from the people themselves…
— Birgitt Williams

About Contorno Consulting

At Contorno we work with people and organizations to create healthy collaborative cultures so that both the organization and the people in it can thrive as they face the challenges in our fast paced world. Our work focusses on creating (learning) environments where the potential of the individual and the group can unfold.

We are committed to finding the most innovative and practical approaches that contribute to working in a participative and collaborative way and sharing them with others.  


How we work

  • We focus on creating a healthy and collaborative working climate within organizations.

  • We invite you to include the stakeholders and staff in the process of learning and change.

  • Your staff will feel engaged and responsible for the processes that we are all undertaking.

  • Departs from the knowledge that everyone is capable, we stimulate ownership

  • Puts the organization and her challenges in the center


What you can expect

  • An holistic approach

  • Engagement

  • A positive and pioneering spirit

  • Open communication

  • Participative processes involving all stakeholders

  • Trust

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What our clients say:

"This approach allows everyone to get what they want without competing with other's needs, diversity becomes a resource instead of something to be managed or diminished."

"You are allowed to learn from where you are - not where you are supposed to be - being where you are is the motor."

Iedere deelnemer is belangrijk in deze approach - methoden, techniek, manier van werken - en iedereen heeft zijn of haar eigen rol." 

"Ik heb geleerd hoe goed het is om verschillende brillen te ontdekken waardoor ik naar mezelf kan kijken en naar mijn werk."

"Deze aanpak sluit introverte en extraverte mensen in."